Sending an Email Follow Up for a California State Job Interview

Congratulations, you just had an interview for a job with the state (or maybe you have one upcoming) and you’re wondering how to follow up with the interviewers.  If you haven’t interviewed yet, feel free to ask for the names and email addresses of those who are on your panel. If you have interviewed and don’t have that contact information, reach out to the person who organized the interview such as the executive secretary.

When you send your follow up email, or letter, consider using the following message or modifying it to fit your style and approach better:

Subject: (Classification) Interview

Dear Mr./Mrs. Interviewer,

Thank you for taking the time to interview me today and discuss the (position) with the (Department).  I enjoyed hearing about the work involved in the (name of section/unit/group).

I believe my (choose three adjectives/phrases) enthusiasm, attitude and experience make me an ideal candidate for the position.  I am confident in my ability to produce effective and reliable work quickly, while striving to be self-sufficient and contribute in and out of the office.

As I mentioned in the interview, I am very interested in the position and this seems like an excellent place to build a career.  I am excited by the prospect of working with you, the other managers and analyst. After today’s interview I know I will be a great asset to your team.


Your Name

Send this message individually to each person on the panel.  There is no need to ask if they have any questions or offer anything beyond as they will now have an easy way to contact you, and you want to avoid making the panelists feel as though you are requesting a response.

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