Why Promote at Your California State Job?

Are you already working for state?  That doesn’t mean your job search should have stopped. Keep in mind that the state and the Department’s look out for their interests first, not yours.  In the same way, you should make your interests a priority. If you think you can get a promotion elsewhere, if you have no future opportunity for advancement in your current role or would just like to be closer to home it is still okay for you to look into other job opportunities.  There is something to be said for not leaving a job too soon, but you could have no questions asked if you stayed at each job for 18 months or more. If you move on from one sooner than that, it will still be okay.

Keep in mind that every promotion you get within the State of California will result in at least a 5% raise, or thousands of dollars over the course of your career!

Our guide to getting a state job can also help you if this is your position. Learn how to up improve your application packet, maximize your interview potential, and more.  All with a no questions asked guarantee of satisfaction.

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